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We use our FTP to store the material from each phase. Please contact us to get access to username and password for each phase.

ETLP recognises the need to share the software it has developed over the last two decades with both sponsors and staff. For this we have developed a structured platform that will consolidate and co-locate our software base. This will enable us to bring new students up to speed with the capabilities of the project, and also to present software in a readily accessible form for sponsors. We aim to provide a comprehensive and complete list of significant software items, and also a library of associated papers, documentation if possible and code. Note that some codes are likely to remain as developmental code in MATLAB or Python, but perhaps also in Fortran or C++. However, it may take the form of new software for 4D seismic analysis. The software applications are only available to the consortium sponsors only. Click on the link below to download the available software packages.