The following resources are available online:

<h3>Sponsor login</h3>
We use our FTP to store the material from each phase. Please contact us to get access to username and password for each phase.

There are two ways to get access to our FTP and download the files.

First method (recommended)

Step 1

Download the portable WinSCP software. You do not need the IT administrator permissions to use the standalone portable executables version of the software. You can download that from here.

Step 2

Setup an SFTP protocol as shown below:

Step 3

Use the username and password that we provided to you to login to the FTP. Navigate and to the desired folder/file. You can download multiple files and folder simply by dragging them across to a destination folder on the left pane on your local PC.

Second method

Alternatively you can use internet browser to login into the FTP and download the files (see below).