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Invited speakers

46th meeting, Summer 2022

  • Dominic Lawrance, BP – Requirements from seismic in CO2 store monitoring at Endurance
  • Gary Marsden, Harbour Energy – 4D seismic in the Catcher Area

45th meeting, Winter 2021

  • Julian Yao, University of Houston – Acoustic properties of CO2 and other reservoir fluids: the key players in geophysical monitoring
  • Leon Barens, TotalEnergies – Understanding the Elgin Franklin overburden 4D Signal by Looking Below

44th meeting, Summer 2021

  • Andrew Wilson – Improving signal-to-noise and reducing depth uncertainty at Golden Eagle using 4D wavefield harmonisation
  • Jorg Herwanger and Sean Tian –Preliminary look at multi-vintage 4D seismic and geomechanics at Valhall North
  • Gerard Joosten – AutoSum -Novel Approaches to Uncertainty Management
  • 43th meeting, Winter 2020

  • Paulo Johann – Time-lapse seismic from a Santos basin microbial carbonate reservoir: Petrobras experience
  • Peter Harris – Workflows to Automate and Enhance 4D Pre-Stack Interpretation
  • Dhananjay Kumar – Use of 4D seismic on Atlantis field
  • 42th meeting, Summer 2020

    • Anne-Kari Furre – Monitoring CO2 projects – past experience and future opportunities
    • Jesper Dramsch – Making deep learning for 3D time shift extraction while minimizing the black box
    • Jon Brain – 20 years of 4D

    41th meeting, Winter 2019

    • Dave Davies – Musing on 4D AVO
    • Andrew Starkey and John Guntoro (Aberdeen University) – Automated seismic data analysis

    40th meeting, Summer 2019

    • Ehsan Naeini (IKON) – A review of machine learning applications in geophysics

    39th meeting, Winter 2018

    • Jorg Herwanger – Large-scale geomechanical and flow simulations for time-lapse seismic
    • Mehdi Paydyesh (Schlumberger) – Sim2Seis in 4D seismic – how complicated do we need to go?
    • Sergey Kurelenkov (RUSVIETPETRO) – Experience of reservoir modelling in Carbonates

    38th meeting, Summer 2018

    • Thomas Røste (Equinor) – Overburden time shifts: Identifying depleted areas and potential HSE situations
    • Sjoerd de Ridder – Active and passive source approaches to time-lapse seismic imaging, inversion, and monitoring
    • Paul Mitchell (Taqa) – 4D seismic history matching

    37th meeting, Winter 2017

    • Jon Brain (Shell) – 4D Time Shift Interpretation for Depletion Monitoring in Sub-Salt Rotliegend Gas Reservoirs – How to make the most of your data

    36th meeting, Summer 2017

    • Leon Thomsen – SEAM LoFS Numerical time-lapse modelling has come of age
    • Olav Barkved (Petoro) – Challenges and opportunities for successful use of seismic reservoir monitoring
    • Veronique Gervais – Uncertainty quantification and history-matching based on response surfaces: application to a synthetic SAGD produced field

    35th meeting, Winter 2016

    • Asiya Kudarova (Shell) – The offset dependence of time-lapse time-shifts
    • Dean Oliver (Uni Research CIPR) – The challenges of applying ensemble-based history matching to 4D seismic data

    34th meeting, Summer 2016

    • David Gray (Nexen) – 3C-4D locates liquid bitumen in oil sands reservoirs
    • Paul Mitchell (Taqa) – 4D simulation-to-seismic modelling as a history match constraint for a gas development project at Harding and Gryphon

    33rd meeting, Winter 2015

    • Mel Ball (BP) – Clair Life of Field Seismic Surveillance – A New Chapter

    32nd meeting, Summer 2015

    • Cécile Berron (CGG) – SeisMovie: Continuous onshore seismic reservoir

    31st meeting, Winter 2014

    • Alessandra Davolio (University of Campinas) – Using reservoir simulation to constrain 4D seismic data
    • Alex Bertrand (ConocoPhillips) – Permanent seismic monitoring: The Ekofisk LoFS (Life of Field Seismic) after three years

    30th meeting, Summer 2014

    • Gerard Joosten (Shell) – 4D-what, 4D-why? … quantification of an art